We get many people asking to join. To experience a Namio Party. Usually the individual tells you what they want and what they are expecting. Like ordering a meal from the menu….

This is of course not femdom and it only serves to show the total ignorance of the inquirer.

Requesting ‘services’ is best reserved for prostitutes. We are not prostitutes. In Asia, the mistress selects you. She tells you what to do. She never asks for your recommendations, preferences or fetishes. How absurd.

Some people use vulgar language in their messages; proving immediately that they are uncouth and uncivilised. Who wants to interact with a dog that isn’t even housebroken?

Customize your equipment


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c/o Denise Li (Malaysianatrix):

It is usually quite easy to customize your gear. For example, I bought this urine gag but didn’t care for the metal funnel. It came off quite easily without the need to cut the rubber.

Inflatable Gag & Funnel

I replaced the funnel with a shewee device that enabled me to urinate more comfortably. Finally, I made a hole in an old pair of pantyhose so that I could wear the shewee easily.

Shewee Original Urination Device - Black

Now, I have a customized urine gag that my slave wears. The adaptations I made enable me to insert the gag, inflate to prevent jaw closure and then blindfold the slave. I make him kneel, tie his wrists behind his knees and finally clip him by his neck to my ankle. He sits in darkness wondering when and if I will release. I do not warn him in any way. He just has to swallow every warm drop.