What do you need to do?

  1. Train a man to a standard where he can please you and your closest friends (Make sure that he is very obedient and desperate to serve)
  2. Determine which of your friends is into femdom
  3. Only invite women who are serious about Namio and well-versed with the drawings
  4. Remember the strict dress code: black pantyhose (without pants) or black stockings – preferably seamed, heels, no overt sex clothes/pvc/rubber or kinky attire
  5. Set aside an evening and be sure that you will not be disturbed under any circumstances
  6. Be discreet, and insist that all guests maintain strict confidentiality

What to wear


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  1. black pantyhose (without pants) or black stockings – preferably seamed
  2. heels
  3. no overt sex clothes/pvc/rubber
  4. no kinky attire
  5. no nudity/topless
  6. make-up and hair must be smart
  7. clothing needs to be stylish and elegant

A Namio Lady likes to present a smart image at all times

How do you spend the evening?


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  1. Ensure that everyone is properly attired
  2. Pour some wine/cocktails
  3. Begin by perusing Namio dawings and discussing tastes and preferences
  4. Introduce the man who will be serving you all; he should be naked, on all fours, gagged and blindfolded at this point
  5. Recreate the drawings, taking turns and exploring your preferences

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