Customize your equipment


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c/o Denise Li (Malaysianatrix):

It is usually quite easy to customize your gear. For example, I bought this urine gag but didn’t care for the metal funnel. It came off quite easily without the need to cut the rubber.

Inflatable Gag & Funnel

I replaced the funnel with a shewee device that enabled me to urinate more comfortably. Finally, I made a hole in an old pair of pantyhose so that I could wear the shewee easily.

Shewee Original Urination Device - Black

Now, I have a customized urine gag that my slave wears. The adaptations I made enable me to insert the gag, inflate to prevent jaw closure and then blindfold the slave. I make him kneel, tie his wrists behind his knees and finally clip him by his neck to my ankle. He sits in darkness wondering when and if I will release. I do not warn him in any way. He just has to swallow every warm drop.


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